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> Has there been a discussion about standards for web page 
> layout?.

Kind of. See Nielsen's infamous End of Web Design article at:

Many people wholly reject the idea of a standard design.
Personally I agree with a lot of what Jakob says, but he goes
too far here IMHO: web sites are not always just applications
as he sees them, and the level of shared expert features
between sites is low.

> Or will the top desingers dictate layout like the fashion 
> industry dictates what the current fad is.

More likely the most mediocre ones.

> (Is this the right list to ask this question?)

Well, it could be, if you want to suggest new elements like
<navigation>, <content>, <sitesearch> to mark-up high-level
blocks, and then allow users to make their own standard
layout with a user style sheet. :-) Problem is layout is
really an all-or-nothing game; the user and designer
can't easily make a 'compromise' layout like they can
with other CSS properties.

For general web design discussion you could try webdesign-l
(, or newsgroups like

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