I have just started to dip my toe into changing over to XHTML and discovered an unforeseen problem.

Rather than mess around with the transitional DTD, I decided to go straight for the Strict DTD.

I wrote the source code, making sure all DOCTYPE and namespace commands are right, I even saw the resultant page in my copy of I.E. 5.5, then I went to upload it to my website and thats where the plot thickens.

I upload it, get XML errors, where I missed a few quotes - nothing major, then after correcting those mistakes, the page didn't display right, it said, unable to display XML page. So I went to the W3C site, to check up on the DTD, to see if I had the code right, perhaps the URL had changed?

I go all the way to seeing the hyperlink for the DTD, namely, "xhtml1-strict.dtd", and click on this, and I get an error message! Something about you can't call a DTD function outside of a DTD file, I don't remember it word for word.

So what is my conclusion? The DTD must be corrupted? I have reported it to the W3C, but has anyone else had a similar problem?

Would someone cleverer than I take a look at my page? Perhaps I have done something wrong?


Any help would be gratefully received.

Received on Thursday, 7 December 2000 17:32:47 UTC