RE: html and dreamweaver

I used to only hand code as well but now I use Dreamweaver for most of the
HTML coding I do.  Of course you have to go into the code every now and then
and fix up little things here and there but I will save you lots of time in
the long run.

Aside from being probably the cleanest code generator out there it also has
some nice features like a little source control Check In/Check Out interface
that works over a LAN or FTP.

The text editor in Dreamweaver lacks a bit but you can always download edit
plus ( which, if you don't know it, is a kick ass  pumped
up version of notepad complete with color coding, clip text and auto
complete for .html, .jsp, .css, .js and more as well as lots of neat little
HTML developer helping tools.

Both tools are worth a try.


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I usually hand code html from zero using textpad, and I could have a look at
dreamweaver 4 and seemed to me that the code is getting cleaner and now the
software really looked like a real product.

What do you guys think about that? Is there any w3 issue on

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