Re: <PRELOAD> in <HEAD> section, MOUSEOVER attribute in <A> tag

Clover Andrew stated:
"I like the idea of using <link>, but I think I'd prefer a more
declarative style of directive, something like:

  <link rel="scripted-image" href="...">"

I say:
Well, how different is that from just importing an external .js file? Sure,
javascript isn't as friendly as markup to the inexperienced web designer,
but let's face it, there are more than plenty of free image rollover
javascripts to be downloaded from various sites, and even some that let you
input your image url's, and generate a customized script for you!

And then, one can go into other statements / recommendations about this
situation. For example, considering the fact that HTML was not originally
intended to do any of this, you could use a medium what is designed to do
it, like Flash. Granted, that is not a fool-proof solution, but before we
get much further into this discussion, we should remember:

The goal of HTML is to simply organize information. That's it. Even Homer
Simpson learned that bells and whistles without any real informational
content makes for a bad website. Not to suggest that anyone here is
forgetting completely about information, but simply to restate what HTML's
intended capacity is.

I've said way too much for one email... have a good day!


Received on Wednesday, 6 December 2000 11:47:49 UTC