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I assume you're using Windows ;)  It may be near impossible to use on

> I recently went to the W3C homepage and was really glad to
> find a Validation service for CSS and HTML4.  I have a pentII
> 400 (128 meg ram) but I do not have my own domain on the net.
> I was wondering if I could use the HTML4 validation feature
> offline at home. I downloaded a zip file which said it had the
> source code but I was completely dumbfounded on how to set it up
> or if it could be set up for offline use.

Look under prerequisites at:

You need a computer running some Unix-like operating system (i.e. not
Windows), SP 1.2.1, local copies of the HTML DTDs for SP, PERL 5, LWP PERL
module, a web server, and the W3C validation PERL script itself.

> Can I use it offline at home


> does it require me to have something expensive to be able to use it

A 386 16 MHz with 6 MB RAM or so running some Unix-like OS, such as Linux or
FreeBSD, should run this fine.

,David Norris

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