XHTML modularization question


I would like to know what work is being done on the protocol for expressing
and negotiating capabilities profiles. We are building an XML content
management system and one area of investigation for us now is the use of
profiles to select appropriate XSL style sheets. The notion is that if a PDA
requests a page, we might then load a style sheet matching its HTML
capabilities, style the base XML appropriately, and send the resultant HTML
down to the device.

I've read the spec which references CCPP but it's not clear that that is the
desired approach. (It's not clear that it's not, either.) 

Is this work ongoing? Thanks very much in advance.

Barry Briggs
Chief Technology Officer
Interleaf, Inc.
781 768 1016

Received on Monday, 28 June 1999 10:00:00 UTC