Re: webmaster-tag

At 5:49a -0700 06/03/99, L. David Baron wrote:
>This idea was already part of HTML 3.2 [1] (but for some reason this
>particular link relation wasn't in HTML 4.0 [2], but it is used):
><link rev="made" href="" />
>The href could also be an http URL.

Oooh, I didn't realize that -- that's good, cuz I use an http URL for
my contact info (it's a spambot-thwarting CGI, to be exact). :)

Er, I mean I knew that *a* href could be http (duh!); I just didn't
know if UAs which support LINK would also support an http URL there.
I'll start adding these.

Um, did somebody once have a page listing the various LINK types?
Was it Bert? Anyone have the URL handy? TIA...



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