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Re: Frames spec & the NOFRAMES tag

From: Jon Bosak <Jon.Bosak@eng.Sun.COM>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 19:15:33 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <199803240013.QAA09850@boethius.eng.sun.com>
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Oops, I left off the trailing "l"; that URL should have been:


For those people unable to access this site, I've copied James Clark's
message below.  Please bear in mind that (despite the fact that it's
been kicking around publicly for a year) the method described for
associating stylesheets with XML documents doesn't have any official
status and that there is absolutely no guarantee that this is the form
we will eventually codify as part of XML.



 Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 10:07:22 -0800
 From: James Clark
 Subject: xml:stylesheet pi

 At the F2F I took an action item to post a summary of the
 xml:stylesheet processing instruction.

 The basic idea of the xml:stylesheet processing instruction is to
 follow the behaviour of the LINK REL="stylesheet" in HTML 4.0 as
 closely as possible.

 The xml:stylesheet PI is allowed anywhere in the prolog of an XML
 document.  The PI can have pseudo-attributes href (required), type
 (required), title (optional), media (optional).  The semantics are
 exactly as with LINK REL="stylesheet" in HTML 4.0. There is also an
 "alternate" pseudo attribute with values yes or no (default is no);
 specifying alternate="yes" is equivalent to using LINK REL="alternate
 stylesheet". (This could instead be done with an additional
 xml:alternate-stylesheet PI.)

 Here are some examples from HTML 4.0 with the corresponding PI:

 <LINK href="mystyle.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
 <?xml:stylesheet href="mystyle.css" type="text/css"?>

 <LINK href="mystyle.css" title="Compact" rel="stylesheet"
 <?xml:stylesheet href="mystyle.css" title="Compact" type="text/css"?>

 <LINK href="mystyle.css" title="Medium" rel="alternate stylesheet"
 <?xml:stylesheet alternate="yes" href="mystyle.css" title="Medium"

 Multiple PIs are also allowed with exactly the same semantics as with
 LINK REL="stylesheet". For example,

 <LINK rel="alternate stylesheet" title="compact" href="small-base.css"
 <LINK rel="alternate stylesheet" title="compact" href="small-extras.css"
 <LINK rel="alternate stylesheet" title="big print" href="bigprint.css"
 <LINK rel="stylesheet" href="common.css" type="text/css">

 would be equivalent to:

 <?xml:stylesheet alternate="yes" title="compact" href="small-base.css"
 <?xml:stylesheet alternate="yes" title="compact" href="small-extras.css"
 <?xml:stylesheet alternate="yes" title="big print" href="bigprint.css"
 <?xml:stylesheet href="common.css" type="text/css"?>

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