On 28 Feb 98, (Nir Dagan) wrote:

> I have two problems with the IFRAME (inline-frame) element.
> 1. Why is the src attribute not required?

Good question. Perhaps to default to blank, with the ability to put 
something there (referenced through the name attribute) using a script.

> 2. Why there is a longdesc attribute while the 
>  content of the element --- flow --- should do? (like in OBJECT)

Maybe the question should be why there is no longdesc attribute for 

Is the content is not text (an image or view) then longdesc links to a 
URL that describes the content.

> and an idea:
> 3. Why not add a standby attribute, like in OBJECT?

Object may contain something like a script which affects the output, 
therefore it's trated differently than a frame (which is in a way always 
on standby).


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