Re: Question re Deprecation

A fellow member exclaimed:
>I don't know the reasoning either, but my impression was that B, I, and TT
>survived due to their presence in HTML 2.0.  (Note that S and STRIKE were
>both deprecated.)  Then again, BIG and SMALL were not deprecated...

Well I reckon the *whole lot* should be deprecated, that is, the TT, I, B,
BIG, SMALL, STRIKE, S, and U elements,
and that <I> should be brought back again as "instance of term use"
(contrast with <DFN>) for times such as:

<P>And this is why the <i>cocorbita nepula</i> has three seeds.</P> <!--
hmm. made that up on the spot :-) -->

The advantage then is that temporally-challenged (old) browsers already
render terms the usual way. There was general consensus on this a few weeks
back when we last discussed these things...

Ian Hickson
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