implementation of FIRST-LETTER - possible problem


I realize that neither NN4 or MSIE4 have actually
implemented the FIRST-LETTER tag (for large dropcap effects)
- I'm very concerned (based on current support for CSS...)
that they might not do it in the best way.


1)	When the first paragraph is a quote, e.g. "In my
experience, browser support for CSS is..." In this case BOTH
the " and the first letter should be counted at the
FIRST-LETTER. Will this be the case?

2)	When the page is in the form of questions and answers,
e.g. Q: What do you think of browser support for CSS... In
this case both the Q and the : should be counted as the
FIRST-LETTER. Again will this be the case?

Anyone know the answer to this?


Received on Monday, 29 September 1997 07:57:02 UTC