Re: Question on DFN

On Sat, 27 Sep 1997, MegaZone wrote:

> Does anyone have an example of how DFN is used in a document?

My "Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples" has just a simple example of that:
  <DFN>Ichthyology</DFN> is the branch of natural science which
  studies fish.
And I suppose the most natural use of DFN would be when definitions
are presented that way within the flow of text, not as separate
definitions (in which case DL might look more adequate even if
there is just one definition).

But as I explain in my
the DFN element is not so great structurally, in addition to being
rarely used in practice. It seems a strange to me indicate what is
a defining occurrence without indicating what part of the document
constitutes the definition. So I propose using DT and DD for definitions,
and for this purpose HTML specs should be elaborated to allow them
outside DL, too.


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