Re: Method for A? (fwd)

Once upon a time Mike Meyer shaped the electrons to say...
>> There is also IMG, LINK, META, ISINDEX, BASE, and FIG in HTML3,
>> and BGSOUND, APPLET, OBJECT, and EMBED in other clothing.
>Possibly I misused the terminology, but the rest are not what I'd call
>sources for hyperlinks. They are references to objects related to the

But they are.

ISINDEX generates a text box for the user to enter and submit.

LINK and IMG can call in data.  META can do 'refresh' in some browsers
and load a new page.

>Of course, IMG gets regularly abused to GET a hit counter. That
>doesn't change the correctness of the data on the server, though -
>it's wrong either way.  I do wonder how POST would change that, though

Why is it wrong??  It is a perfectly legitimate use.  No one said that
images MUST be static files.  So what if the counter is being generated
dynamically by a program - it is still an image.  End of story.

HTML is commonly generated dynamically.  You have no way to know if any
page you are calling is stored as a file or coming from a program.

>But yeah - it'd be nice if authors were allowed to specify that all of
>those were dynamic, and should be fetched only by explicit action by
>the user.

I think that would be horrible.  A real step backwards since most of
these are used for new features that enhance accessibility and design

>I specifically chose *not* to propose alterations to the 4.0 DTD to
>deal with this, as some of them have multiple attributes that take

Adding method to A is a DTD alteration.

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