RE: Printing HTML

Problem is, that simple request almost impossible!  

In order to achieve an acceptable printout, 
you need to write a program that converts the web page into EPS or RTF.

Currently, most browsers will do a poor job of laying out your HTML
and don't provide the ability to hide forms from a printout, add
footers, draw table headers, etc.

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>Hi Erik,
>I have just read an article of yours that you posted earlier this month
>about printing HTML. It seems that you are an expert in HTML.
>I have a question regarding printing in HTML, and I was hoping that you
>could help me:
>I would like to add a button to an HTML document. The button would say
>simply "Print this page".
>When the user clicks this button, the current web page would be printed.
>Is it possible to create a button like this?
>If so, could you please tell me where I could find some information on it.
>Many thanks in Advance
>Baruch Benatar

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