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> Simple question - are spaces allowed in 'id'?
> ie. <P id="First Paragraph">
> Now, after reading the spec I think no.  As 'axes' is a space seperated
> list of 'id' values, a space in an id attribute would not be acceptable.
> I'm editing a book and the author used an example like that.  I changed
> it to being hyphenated, but I want to make sure I did the right thing.

IDs are sgml name values and as such can contain 0-9 A-Z - and .
There has been a lot of discussion on case sensitivity. In general
case folding is tricky for Unicode. For IDs this isn't a problem
and SGML defines these as case insensitive. The HTML working group
advocates that you use IDs case sensitively though for consistency
with the name attribute on anchors.


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