HTML 4.0 frames -- marginheight and marginwidth

Regarding the MARGINHEIGHT and MARGINWIDTH attributes of FRAME and IFRAME in
the HTML 4.0 draft[1]--

The draft states: "The value must be greater than one pixel." Why? This
restriction is not presently in MSIE. Will it be added to conform to the spec?

It's sad that a formal standard must include ill-conceived elements; it's truly
pathetic when it formalizes a crippled implementation. Since this portion of
the draft is obviously pandering to Netscape's incompetence, perhaps "User
agents should _not_ render frames to precise pixel dimensions as specified"
should be added to the description of ROWS and COLS to discourage implementors
who might otherwise do an accurate rendering.

What are the CSS1 equivalents to MARGINHEIGHT and MARGINWIDTH? Default BODY
margins for the content, I would hope. Since each frame is a subwindow with its
own document, shouldn't the document within a frame be able to override the
default margins? If I have styled a document using CSS1 wherein graphics are
expected to 'bleed' (butt to the edge of the window), shouldn't that same
effect be obtainable within a frame?

David Perrell

[1] <>

Received on Monday, 22 September 1997 16:04:50 UTC