Foreign Words and Phrases

What is the best way to refer to a foreign word or phrase?  Which
element/method is best?  I want the text to be rendered differently even in
a browser that does not use stylesheets.  I have come up with the following
possible choices:

<I lang="it">Lega Nord<I>
	This, for obvious reasons (deprecation, for one), is undesireable,
but it does produce the correct rendering effect within graphical (and even
non-graphical, styled-text) browsers.

<EM lang="it">Lega Nord</EM>
	This is also no good, because it implies an emphasis that I don't
want in the document.  For the same reason, <CITE> and other traditionally
italicized elements are no good.

<SPAN lang="it">Lega Nord</SPAN>
	This does not mis-suggest the content, but it also will not render
correctly on most browsers, and I would have to include a class attribute
and properties in some sort of stylesheet to get it to render in italics at
all on stylesheet browsers.

Does anyone know of a tag of sorts that does this automatically, or am I
out of luck?  Should I just choose one of the less-than-ideal solutions

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Received on Sunday, 21 September 1997 19:40:38 UTC