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On 15 Sep 97, Chapman, Hass wrote:

> >From: Mike Meyer
> >However, I seriously doubt your numbers. While I'm pretty sure that
> >NSN/MSIE between them have 90% of the market, I'd be surprised if the
> >number of downrev users is as low as you claim. This is based on the
> >last time I went and checked the numbers for NSN, which has been a
> >while. What are you basing your claim on?

Looking at the stats from the last two months, for a site a maintain,
~91% are MSIE and Netscape, however that is spread out over various
versions with differing levels and bugginess in CSS, <object>, Java, 
JavaScript, or built-in PNG support. So for now even writing for the 
major browsers ('Best viewed using the tools of the oligarchy') is 


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