CGM plugins

[Walter Ian Kaye]
> At 9:29a -0400 09/10/97, Chris Maden wrote:
>  > There are also at least two plugins available now to handle CGM,
>  > one free, one not.
> Who makes the second? Is it available on more than one platform?
> (The first was Windows-only, and therefore irrelevant.)

Inso's QuickView Plus is a Windows-only packaging of its cross-
platform (I think) Outside In technology.  The Outside In stuff can be
licensed by others (it's included in Norton File Manager, Lotus Notes,
and Microsoft Windows Explorer, I think), so someone else could
develop a plugin for other platforms.

If there were demand, they'd probably consider porting QuickView
themselves.  I used to work for Inso, but it was a different division
altogether, so I don't know too much about it.

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