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At 8:27 AM -0500 1997-09-09, jptxs wrote:
>At 02:11 PM 9/9/97 +0100, Dave Carter wrote:
>>Allowing markets to dictate standards is why we are in the
>>mess we are in after all.
>and which mess is that? the decline of capitalism? the fascism of red
>china?  the destruction of Tibet? the wars in the Mid-east?
>what sort of bubble do you suppose the making of standards, coding or
>otherwise, takes place in?  sorry to stray off topic to all, but really,
>not bowing to the reality of how this process is carried out is not


>"'s greatest labor so far has been to
> reach agreement about very many things and  { subtle
> to submit to a *law of agreement*--         { irony
>	regardless of whether these things
>                         are true or false."
>		-Nietzsche

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