Re: HTML4.0 draft: comments re: inclusion of frames

At 6:15 AM -0500 1997-09-09, Dave Carter wrote:
>On Tue, 9 Sep 1997, Arnaud Le Hors wrote:
>> > I am very disappointed and alarmed at the inclusion of Netscape's 'frame'
>> > construct within the draft HTML4.0 specification.
>> >
>> > I wish to express, in the strongest terms, my concern that frames
>>should not
>> > be allowed to enter the rulebook of standard HTML.
>> I just would like to point out that the "standard HTML" is what the W3C
>> members want it to be.
>> --
>> Arnaud
>And who are they and who appoints them?? W3C is not a standards body under
>any international agreement that I know of. ISO is the standards body, and
>when they get around to issuing it, ISO-HTML will be "standard HTML". No
>body that is prepared to put <FRAME> in a standard and not <MATH> should
>be entrusted with standards.
>Dave Carter

Has there ever been ISO HTML?  (I think perhaps, but I'm not sure) In any
case, before W3C was charged to the task, IETF was, and they (from many
accounts) did a lousy job of it, taking far too long.  I agree that it's
about time some markup was available for MATH functions, but I think the
general consensus is that XML, which will eventually become widespread,
will be able to accomodate this.  Besides, I think most people are happy
with the job W3C is doing--I certainly am.  I see no distinct problem with
the existence of frames so long as they are implemented correctly and
appropriately--and I feel that in this case putting them in the standards
will go a long way towards better implementation.

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