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Arnaud Le Hors <> wrote:
> > First, I have a JavaScript that requires the use of a NAME attribute in an
> > IMG tag. This attribute has not been included in any of the W3C DTDs as
> > yet, and doesn't appear to be in the 4.0 draft yet either.
> Sorry, I don't understand what "a JavaScript that requires" means. Where
> does this piece of code comes from? 

The original poster probably referred to the fact that Netscape
makes it possible for Javascript scripts to change "properties" of
images in an HTML document. For this, the script needs to refer to
the image by some name, which the document author supplies by adding
a (non-standard) NAME attribute to the IMG element which refers to
the image.

Usually these scripts are used to change the image if you move the
mouse over them.

It seems to me that the ID attribute could be used for this, but for
some reason Netscape prefers the NAME attribute.

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