Re: "Umlaut" in Button and ALT

At 10:42a -0400 09/08/97, Chris Maden wrote:
 > [Volker Kroll]
 > > BTW: are there browsers out there which cannot display the
 > > alphanumeric umlauts?
 > By this, I assume you mean numeric character references, like ü
 > for ü.  My experience is that most Mac browsers display numeric
 > character references in the *system* character set, which is not the
 > same as ISO 8859-1.  I know that this causes e-with-acute (é) to
 > be displayed as e-with-grave on Mac Netscape 2.0, whereas é
 > works.

Really? I never had a problem with Netscape, only Explorer. Does the
offending document contain a charset parameter (META tag or whatever)?
My experience with Navigator (through v3.0) was that   *always*
produced a nonbreaking space. Explorer screws it up, though. :/

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