Linking privacy statements using <link rel=Privacy...>

Along the lines of using <link rel=Copyright ...> in HTML documents
to link to a site's copyright information, how about using <link
rel=Privacy ...> to link to a site's or pages "Privacy Policies"
which would declare how user information (forms input, cookies,
databases) and usage statistics would be used, posted, etc....?

For example,

    <title>Whatever this is called</title>
    <link rel=Privacy href="/privacy-statement.html" type="text/html">

Caveat: it doesn't mean the site admins will follow the policy....

(If you think it's a decent idea, then feel free to forward this 
message to interested parties, sans spam of course.)

Robert Rothenburg Walking-Owl (
(Se habla PGP.)

Received on Thursday, 4 September 1997 23:57:24 UTC