Re: IMG tag doesn't seem to support relative HEI & WID values as standard

> MSIE & Netscape both *do* support %units on IMG HEI & WID tags and have for
> some time.   The percentages are of the window height and width.

I hope that in HTML 4.0, all percentage values, where it makes sense,
are specified relative to the containing element.

My goal is to build pages that are independent of the window
size. Towards this goal, the pixel dimensions in html 3.2 for IMG and
APPLET tags, and columns for TEXTAREA are real pain and *force* me to
design for some fixed widths.. :-(

With TEXTAREA. If you want free form input with wrapping text
(nonstandard wrap=virtual?), I really want to specify some width
relative to parent element, instead of text columns.

Received on Thursday, 4 September 1997 16:50:38 UTC