Re: Logo for user-friendly/browser-friendly/scalable pages

At 3:04a +0000 09/03/97, David Marsh wrote:
 > On 31-Aug-97 19:45:40, (Walter Ian Kaye)
 > >That is good. I recently found a way to make my title graphics appear to
 > >"stretch" in the middle -- check out my counters-at-a-glance page at
 > ><> for an example (zoom
 > >and unzoom/restore your window to see how it adjusts). It does require
 > >a 3.0 browser for the full effect (uses background cell color), but it
 >    ^^^                                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A-ha!
 > >will still stretch on older browsers (just with a hole in the middle;).
 > That's a nifty trick, but beware: you strayed into "works on both browsers"
 > territory with the way you wrote that ;-)

Ok, I didn't describe it with the best choice of words, but the HTML itself
is ok... ;)

 > Of course, cell colors aren't in HTML3.0 (which is hypothetical now anyway),
 > so you must mean browser version v3.0..

Right, that's what I meant...

 > I guess I'm stuck, using Voyager v2.88 :-)
 > (which handles cell colors quite nicely, fortunately ;-)

Oops! Guess I'll have to stop using "a 3.0 browser" shorthand... ;)

 > Just a gentle reminder that for greater accessibility, authors should
 > remember that there's more than two graphical browsers out there. :-)

Ok, so it's "To see the full effect, your browser must support background
cell colors." :-)

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