Re: HTML Streaming

Benjamin wrote:
   On Mon, 1 Sep 1997 wrote:
   > <html>
   > <head>
   > <event p=200 table=75,25>
   > </head>

This is interesting. Albert said nothing earlier about _where_ his
EVENT element should go. As this is metadata, I suggest that HTML can
already cope with it in the normal way:

   <meta name="element.content" content="P=200;TABLE=75,25">

Why reinvent the wheel?

Benjamin continues:

   Ok. It is *VERY* clear at this point that you have somehow gotten the idea
   that everyone in the world uses mono-spaced fonts to render HTML normally
   (ie that 'i' takes the same room as 'W' on everyones' screens).  You may
   have gotten this misconception from a browser that you use that is
   configured to use mono-spaced fonts for everything such as Lynx on a text
   oriented terminal. It doesn't really matter where you got it from. 

Just looking at Albert's address, he's on AOL. Is it possible the the
ghodawful AOL "browser" is a monospace-font job? Have AOLers been
suffering a Courier existence?


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