Re: Euro currency sign

Martin Bryan wrote:

>You have a computer which will be able to accept the power supply sources
>that will be arround in 9999AD?

Who knows? There may not be a 9999AD. But a standard date format that
disallows references to pre-0000 and post-9999 dates is short-sighted.

>If you want to deal with all dates, irrespective of Era, I suggest you
>the set of date definitions in ISO/IEC 10744, HyTime, which are designed to
>allow an SGML representation of all dates. This will allow you to specify
>the above date using the Julian, Gegorian, Hebrew, Chinese,.... calendars
>without ambiguity.

Can you point to an overview of HyTime?

David Perrell

Received on Thursday, 23 October 1997 20:10:11 UTC