Re: Euro currency sign

>Tim Chen wrote:
>>I vote for yyyy-mm-dd format.
>Actually, year should not be confined to 4 digits -- t'would be sorely
>regretted come the year 10000.

You have a computer which will be able to accept the power supply sources
that will be arround in 9999AD?

>In deference to different calendars and pre-creational references, would it
>not be wise to suffix the type and allow negative years? E.g.
>  -2004-02-03-christian

If you want to deal with all dates, irrespective of Era, I suggest you adopt
the set of date definitions in ISO/IEC 10744, HyTime, which are designed to
allow an SGML representation of all dates. This will allow you to specify
the above date using the Julian, Gegorian, Hebrew, Chinese,.... calendars
without ambiguity.

Martin Bryan

Received on Thursday, 23 October 1997 03:06:32 UTC