Re: Request change to HTML 4.0 DTD - Empty Table Cells

> Good grief no. That's exactly what purists would _never_ use..
> SGML purists don't mind which DTD gets used, so long as the file
> validates. Markup purists would never use HTML for authoring anyway
> :-)

Well, we aren't exactly purists we just like following standards, 
whether or not anybody else is following them is irrelevant to us 
(but it does make our product kind of cluttered).

With a few exceptions the combination of HTML 4.0 Strict and CSS 
Level 1 is working very well for us and our documents are looking 
quite nice (under Internet Explorer 4.0 only mind you).

You are quite right about using HTML though, we actually just make 
our own language(?) and have it converted to HTML in the most 
appropriate manner.
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Received on Wednesday, 22 October 1997 10:40:16 UTC