Re: Euro

J"org Knappen wrote:

> Michael Everson wrote:
> > I forgot to mention that the TC304 Euro Workshop did agree that an HTML
> > entity would be useful, but thought that it might be nice if it were &EUR;
> This is a bad idea, imho. An all-lowercase entity name is better than the 
> fancy uppercasing (IMHO only uppercase letters should have capitalised
> entity names). Also shortening it one letter does no good. Everybody will 
> know the currency unter the name Euro, the currency code being EUE, not EUR.
> A lowercase name is also in line with ¥.

I agree with J"org re capitalisation.

I'm puzzled, though, by the phrase "the currency code being EUE, not EUR."
Which currency code?  The ISO 4217 code is, I believe, "EUR".

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