Re: Question on DFN


 > >  LI { display: inline }
 > But then, what happens to the bullets/numbering? The relevant properties
 > only apply to display type list-item. By declaring LI to be inline, bullets
 > and numbering no longer apply


 >  and the element becomes functionally
 > equivalent to SPAN.

No. It becomes presentationally eqivelent to SPAN, but structurally it
remains a list.

Having a way to generate content through a style sheet would make it
possible to change the presentation as well. E.g.:

  LI { 
    display: inline
    before: "[";
    after: "]"

This didn't make it into CSS1 but is still on our lists, so to say.



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Received on Monday, 6 October 1997 13:32:25 UTC