Re: Web vs. paper

On 02 Oct 1997 01:26:08 +0100, Peter Flynn
<> wrote:

>**if** the pages are of long-term historical or orgnaizational
>importance then doing them in HTML with CSS is a virtual guarantee
>that you _will_ need to redo them at some future time: HTML is not
>suitable as an archive or repository format -- it's just not rich

I don't really understand this, I could do the pages as
.pdf's (it's typeset originaly in pagemaker) but they are
huge and best avoided in my view - that would be richer? But
all the articles only really have a title, stand first type
intro / by line and the body of the article - why do I need
any richer formatting in this case?

> If they're regarded as important, use EAD or TEI and convert
>to HTML for the moment while that remains the dominant DTD in use on
>the Web. When it changes, you'll be well placed to take advantage of
>it. If they're only of transient value (the archivists will probably
>shoot me for saying it) then it doesn't really matter what you use.

Pardon my ignorance but what is EDA, TEI and DTD?


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