RE: Simple graphics capabilities are needed

Neither JavaScript nor CSS2 seems to be of help for this.

Regarding text-based terminals, I think -  advances in any
specifications never stopped due the non-support from old systems. For
example, Frames are still not supported by some browser versions, but we
can't throw the feature altogether.

Display resolution problems are not new to any other graphic objects  on
web pages.

Server-side-script (CGI or ASP) can do something only if the HTML or
CSS2 specification (and finally the browser) supports the feature.


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>> Can we draw a straight line (oblique - defined by its end points) on a
>> web page using the existing HTML? I feel there is a necessity for simple
>Might be doable using JavaScript and/or CSS2 though.
>Note that HTML is meant to be device independent. Someone using a text 
>based terminal has no use for such a feature. And it can be problematic
>if the graphics you want to draw are beyond the resolution of the
>The are various CGI scripts and utilities to generate graphics on the 
>fly. Or you could roll your own. That might be the best solution for
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