Re: Comments on HTMl 4 draft (9/Nov/1997)

   What we need are a few additions to section 9.2.1, like

   <MORE> Indicates means for getting further information on the topic

This is crazy. What's wrong with <A title="More info" href="foo.html">...</a>

   <COMMENT> Indicates text which comments on adjacent paragraphs.

   Obviously the CSS2 authors would love a <COMMENT> element, what with their
   [Brian: Do we need this?] [Paul: Yes I think we do] and stuff... :-)

This is equally crazy. Go and look at the commentary apparatus in the
Synex browser (eg Panorama or MultiDoc Pro: confusingly they call
their nests of comments "webs", but that's just an abberration).

Out-of-band comments should be kept out of band. If HyTime-style
linking is not available, plain <A> with refs to an external file
is sufficient.

If you need serious in-depth commentary, go and look at the TEI DTD,
which has features for this to blow your socks off.

   What do you people think? (and how does one go about suggesting this to the
   HTML design team?)

I somehow doubt HTML itself is going to be extended much more.


Received on Friday, 26 December 1997 12:30:03 UTC