Re: layers, and stuff

At 02:15 PM 12/25/97 -0600, "noel akins" <> wrote:
>I just wanted to add my two cents.  I hope layers becomes part of html4.

They aren't, but you can use Style Sheets instead.

>Along with it, I hope that some provision is made so that images, or
>whatever, can be "auto-scroll"ed in at least up or down or along a path,
>and this can be set by the designer of the page. 

This can be done with Java, it has nothing to do with HTML.

>I would also like to see the ability to do the following:
>1. be able to place a scroll bar on the left side of a frame, or at the
Oh, I think that isn't useful, because the user konws his GUI, and if you
change common things he may be confused.
>4. be able to put a frame anywhere on a page, for channels or server push,
>client pull
That is possible with <IFRAME> I think.
<... more whishes deleted>

Merry xmas to all

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