Re: Comments on HTMl 4 draft (9/Nov/1997)

Neil St.Laurent wrote:
... deprecation suggestion

> Deprecating I and B would mean that documents viwed without CSS may
> miss the intended content of a document because the STYLE applied,
> with SPAN or whatever, isn't shown.  I'm in favour of keeping I and B
> becuase very often they are part of content, not simply presentation.

Not really.  It's trivial to declare a style on EM and
STRONG, so that the CSS suggestion is rendered by CSS
enabled browsers, and legacy browsers retain their normal
rendering of EM and STRONG.  The very ability to accomplish
this seems to me to be a further argument for deprecating I
and B.

I might agree that <EM> and <STRONG> may be part of the
content of a particular document, but I <EM><STRONG>
disagree </STRONG></EM> that <I> and <B> serve for any
purpose but presentation.

Sue Jordan

Received on Tuesday, 16 December 1997 16:17:53 UTC