Re: Comments on HTMl 4 draft (9/Nov/1997)

This is my first post to www-html, I hope it does not break any rules...

Ian Graham wrote:
>Here are some comments/notes upon reading the HTML 4 Proposed
>Recommendation of 7/November/1997, HTML Version.

>2.  The content model for INS/DEL is perplexing to me. As
>    I read the DTD,  INS/DEL is allowed only within BODY, and
>    can contain %flow -- but this makes it impossible to use
>    INS/DEL within block or inline elements. If %inline were change
>    to include INS/DEL, then INS/DEL could go anywhere -- (not sure
>    about this, but it seems to make sense). Perhaps there is, on
>    the other hand, a good reason for the existing, restricted model?
This may be an error in the DTD, as I read the spec INS and DEL can appear
anywhere (section 9.4)

>8.  Section 7.5.3 -- Block and Inline Elements
>    Section 7.5.3 describes the difference between block and inline
>    formatting element types, but does not define the default
>    formatting types for the various BODY-content HTML elements (some
>    are obvious, some are not). I would expect this document to
>    define the default types, before noting that style sheets can
>    override the default values.
CSS2 defines a proposed HTML4 style sheet, maybe this should be used to
describe the recommended formatting (although not all table attributes, eg
alignchar, can be defined by CSS)

I am confused as to why TT, I, B, BIG and SMALL are not deprecated while
most of the other formatting elements/attributes are. What makes them

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