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On Wed, 3 Dec 1997 14:47:05 -0500 (EST) wrote:

> It occurred to me that it would be more consistent with the remainder of HTML
> if the frameborder field of the frame tag was referenced by a mnemonic
> constant pair such as yes/no or true/false, rather than the somewhat backward
> 1/0. Alternately, it could become an integer field describing the number of
> pixels to be rendered as a frame border, although I'm presently at a loss of
> the utility of that functionality.

As to your yes/no true/false suggestion, whilst not in the official 
specs, I would be surprised if any browser manufacturer didn't support 
this as a user setting. Besides, this really isn't much of an issue, as 
people who do not use so-called WYSIWYG HTML creators (which put the 
1|0 in anyway) should be intelligent enough to look up both from 
example and from the spec what is the correct syntax. Unless of course 
they use, say, Netscape's user guide which migth say 'values of yes/no 
true/false are accepted'.

On the last point, this is precisely one of my suggestions.

It would make sense to have the W3C implement these extensions from 
Netscape and Microsoft in a way which could determine other properties 
similar to what is already in use (such as frame-spacing).


James Green

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