Re: Introducing NetscapeML

Marc Salomon wrote:
> Waving the magic wand of neoliberal political/economic theory and casting
> the blame for bad standards on the inaction of lazy users in forums they
> don't have acces to instead of focusing on corporations frantically posturing
> for increased market share with other large corporations with little concern
> for the end-user merely obfuscates the forces at work here.

I'm sorry, but i couldn't let this stand.  My intent was certainly
*not* to lay blame on any users, but only to note that the attitude
should not be denotable by the word "beg".  I would like to see
things happen; to that end, i think we have similar ideas:
> I've been toying with the idea of a World Wide Web Users Union (

-- this sounds like a good way to start, for instance.

> Who's ignoring the problem?

No one.  I apologize for misinterpreting your first message; i
thought it sounded like a *dismissal* of the problem as hopeless.


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