Re: Introducing NetscapeML

:>I want to be the first to let the world know what wonderous new things
:>Netscape has done for us this week.  They just posted the release notes
:>for beta5 of Navigator 3.0 which includes *HTML* elements for
:>multi-column layout and whitespace.  This of course contradicts their
:>stated commitment to working on style sheets.  It is a surprise to those
:>of us working in the W3C HTML working group who have assumed all along
:>that the reason Netscape is there is to cooperate in the development of

I'm sorry Thomas, I just can't quite understand what your complaint is.
You know Netscape has done this in the past.  You know they've lied about
why they did it.  So they claimed that they would support standards.
How many times have they done that in the past?  So what did you expect,
that they'd play nice now?  You thought they'd throw off their sheep's
clothing, and underneath there'd be a sheep?

After looking at their track record, you really expected a turn-around.
That's just plain gullible.  But at least they got the W3C to swallow
it long enough to stall everyone out.


Received on Saturday, 29 June 1996 21:07:57 UTC