Re: Controlling page breaks in printouts

On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, Brian Candler wrote:
> Otherwise you would need Microsoft-Word-type attributes such as "keep 
> lines together" and "keep with next item", which I don't like and in 
> any case seem to be less in the spirit of HTML.

    Not that that is specific to Micro$oft Word, it's been a standard 
feature of good typesetting software for years. And regardless of whether 
or not you like it, it is the best way to do it. Consider this:

Large paragraph, say, 20 lines or so.

Now that would certainly keep the headline from being orphaned, but it 
would make it so that if there wasn't enough room at the bottom of the 
page for the ENTIRE PARAGRAPH, then it would take it to the next pages. 
What you need is to be able to tell the browser: "Keep headers with the 
first two lines of the next paragraph". That way it will only break to 
the next page before the headline only if the first two lines of the next 
paragraph would not fit at the bottom of the page with it. However, WE 
SHOULD NOT HAVE TELL BROWSERS TO DO THIS! That should simply be the way 
they print it out.
   So I don't think this is an HTML issue at all, but rather an issue
stemming from the fact that none of the companies that make Web Browsers
have professional designers and typographers working for them. That is
quit apparent even by the way the graphical browsers display headlines on
the screen, and by the default colors they all use (grey background!)

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