Re: Tricky Form

This problem is very important in the environment I have written
a browser for.

Our environment is keyboard-only, using a "browser" and HTML as a
user-interface system for a computer system.

The solution, in our system, is a new attribute, FOCUS, that
identifies the user-input element in which the user's "cursor"
should be placed when the HTML page is first loaded.  For



<A FOCUS HREF=lalalal >Click here</A>


I am sorry that this is currently a one-proprietary-browser
solution, but perhaps those who build and maintain public
browsers can consider implementing the FOCUS attribute. It is
absolutely manditory in situations such as ours, is easy to
implement, and can be quite handy for users.


How do you default the blinking cursor to a field in a form? Has
done this before?

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