Re: Images as Horizontal Rules and List Item Bullets

On Tue, 18 Jun 1996, Charles Peyton Taylor wrote:
> CSS Properties for Lists
> CSS already includes a property for modifying list items: list-style. It
> also has the height and width properties to modify block elements. Adding a
> pseudo-class "image" would designate that the bullet image is to be
> modified by the height and width properties, not the list text.
> UL { list-style: URL( disc }
> UL.image {
>         width: 15px;
>         height: 10px;
>         color: blue;
>          }

1.  Aren't pseudo-classes identified by colons?

2.  Perhaps 'bullet' would be a better name for the pseudo-class than
    'image'.  Some of the properties (e.g. color) could apply to regular
    bullets as well as graphical ones.
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