Re: SRC attribute for HR/UL/DIR/MENU?

I wrote (with regard to SRC on UL):
> Why on earth was it removed?!

Abigail wrote:
> Because Netscape doesn't support it.  HTML 3.2 brings us back
> on the level of HTML 2.0 - a DTD which describes current practice.
> Current practice == Netscape 2.x (more or less).

Sure.  Well then we might as well throw out stylesheets, trash
content negotiation, forget about accessibility, and standardize
the meteor-shower animation in an RFC.  While we're at it, we had
better change the SGML specification so it matches Netscape's
comment and attribute parsing.

(Oh, waitasec... which version?)

Daniel Glazman wrote:
> I'd really like to be wrong because it would mean that WWW is
> now _really_ in developers' hands (guess who) and not any longer
> in the Internet community's hands...

My point exactly.

I do not accept the statement "Current practice == Netscape 2.x
(more or less)".  It is akin to saying "all humans speak English
(more or less)".


Received on Monday, 17 June 1996 05:22:13 UTC