Re: Arena / Amaya (was: Re: <math>, <fig>, ...)

At 9:49a -0400 06/14/96, Ken Dow wrote:
>Steve Heaney wrote:
>> Amaya is a testbed client for experimenting with new Web features.
>> Amaya will be available soon to W3C members and the Web community one
>> month after.
>> Amaya runs on Unix workstation and is being ported to PC/Windows.
>Is there a Macintosh version of this application in the works? There is
>a significant amount of HTML authoring being done on the MacOS, and the
>availability of such a tool would promote the use of standard and valid

I was just going to ask the same thing -- where/when MacOS version?
Not that I plan to dump Navigator, but one can never be too rich, have too
much RAM, or have too many HTML tools... <G>

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