Re: Netscape doin' their own thang ..

On Thu, 13 Jun 1996, MegaZone wrote:

> Once upon a time Rude Boy shaped the electrons to say...
> >> Whilst this is quite clever defensive code it does mean that anyone
> >> who writes their pages always using  <!-- ... > to delimit quotes will
> >> have their pages carrying on working and so be unresponsive to requests
> >> to fix it.
> >Yet another example of Netscape doing their own little thing and ignoring 
> >specs ??
> Actually in this case they seem to have done some clever error checking.
> If you write to the spec it works.  At least it doesn't terminate on the
> first '>' all the time.

Yeah, OK, so if you write as per spec then everything's fine and dandy, 
but I don't think that encouraging people to write non-standard HTML 
(Which is what you do if one of the most popular browsers will let you do 
it no questions asked ...) is a very responsible thing to do as in the 
end it's just gonna lead to huge confusion and vast tracts of web-land 
being un-readable etc. etc.  

All in my humble opinion folks so don't get _too_ aggro ...


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