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snb94r wrote:
> MegaZone wrote:

[we were discussing whether it was possible to or not to terminate comment
parsing at > characters in order to support broken HTML.  I had a major
memory fault regarding how my HTML parser handles finding > without --
whilst parsing a comment]

I have now tested a variety of test files with Netscape and verified that
my own browser matches its behaviour (except that I'd added a hack
to allow --!> to terminate comments, which I've now removed, and for the
behaviour when no > is found in the document)

The behaviour is:

When you find <!-- remember where you are, and search onwards for the
character sequence -- followed by any amount of whitespace followed by the
> terminator.  This corresponds to the specification, and is adhered to.

However, whilst skipping over the comment, the location of the *first* >
character is noted (and discarded later if a correct terminator is found).

If no correct terminator is found (ie you find EOF) , the input stream
is rewound to the location of that '>' character and parsing restarted
from the next character.  If you never found a >, then return to the
original < and treat it as if it had been written &lt; 

In fact Netscape 1.22 renders the following as:    Start <!C- Comment

<title>test<body>Start <!-- Comment

so that's obviously broken, but hardly a major fault and it's in an old

Stewart Brodie, Electronics & Computer Science, Southampton University.

Received on Wednesday, 12 June 1996 12:19:53 UTC