Re: The <address> element. ERROR in the html 3.2 dtd

>On Sun, 9 Jun 1996, Olle Jarnefors wrote:
>> The <ADDRESS> element isn't treated like the ordinary block
>> elements in HTML 2.0, it can't be included in <P> or <LI>
>It doesn't make sense to put <ADDRESS> within either, surely? The address
>is something which comes after the body text, and so it must only be
>within the <HTML> delimiters.

It doesn't make sense to force everyone to have the address at a specific
place in the document, does it?  The <ADDRESS> tag only tells the HTML
reader that whatever is written is an address, nothing else.  This is
what the the markup specification for HTML 3.2 says:

  Address: ADDRESS

  The ADDRESS element contains such information as address, signature
  and authorship, often at the beginning or end of the body of a document. 

The documents on HTML 3.2 say nothing special about <ADDRESS>, so the
definition should be the same.

(on the other hand, a friend of mine always says that the only documentation
you can trust is the source :-))

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