Re: no replies yet on Forms in Table Cells !?

On  4 Jun 96 at 9:10, John Bro wrote:

>         So far I've only had one reply which just put a  form in a cell.
>         That I can do.  What I can't do is get it to validate. 
>         I'm validating with  James Clark's nsgmls, aka SP,  and the 3.2
>         DTD. It closes a table when it sees <FORM>.  This seems wrong to
>         me.  Is there a reason for it? I admit I'm not fully conversant
>         in DTDish,
>         but it looks to me like it ought to be valid.  It works fine even
>         in  lynx,
>         (except that it introduces a linebreak after the </form> )

I put a document through WebTechs earlier today that contained several 
forms within tables, and it passed cleanly when set to 3.2 non-strict 

WebTechs is at, by the way.

Brent Eades
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